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Wayne (not verified)

Apparently uninspired by the topic of whether the current society will lead to the destruction of humanity, readers have decided to argue about "class." Suppose I put this as, Is class a useful category for understanding how this capitalist society works? I would say yes, without denying that other ways of theoretically dividing up the population can also be useful. And looking at people in terms of individuality is undoubtedly also useful, although when considering a whole social system it becomes necessary to make generalizations. (Sorry if this offends Ziggy, but such is reality.)

In our capitalist society, most people work for a living (receiving wages or salaries) and produce the goods and services of the total system. A few people get the lion's share of this wealth, because they own capital. These two groups are the basic classes of capitalism, with various middle layers in-between the two class poles. I think this way of looking at things is a useful and even necessary approach to understanding and changing the world. My article above is one way of demonstrating this.

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