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In the last anarchy radio show Zerzan accuses "anti-vaxxers" of spreading the virus across USA, going further to say they are killing people... What a shame Mr. Zerzan, you are spreading the same narrative as world governments and thepharma industry. So much writing against civilization and then not being able to see any corruption in the main narrative about the pandemic... Would you throw away civilization and keep the vaccines? Ted K. was right, you and the "primitivists" like you live full on empty, innocuous phantasies. Did you dare to check if there is even a scientific unanimity about the current covid vaccines? Or if there was during this pandemic an open horizontal and honest debate about all the measures and decisions concerning this virus? Of course there wasn't, and you even didn't realize that. Because otherwise you will know that current vacinnes do not block the transmission of the virus. They are not live attenuated virus vacinnes. Even common people knows that. Why writing so many books about the maladies of civilization if you not even grasp the basics?