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That doesn't mean they should be the only solution however. I personally don't want to take it and this IS personal in that I suspect I was vaccine injured as a child/infant(being in the autistic risk groups). Having said that I'm not against them. There should however be a multi-factorial approach to something like Covid. Functional wellness strategies such as a vitamin and herbal antibiotic regimen would go along way in curbing the numbers. I take C B n D plus zinc and a multi-vitamin plus oil of oregano capsules. This to me as the best long term approach as you want to create multitudinal healthy terrains that make infections of various colds and flues less recurring. Anecdotally I haven't had a cold or flue all year starting at the mid point of July and I use to get them inside 6 months(2 or 3 a year).

I think vaccines work just as advertised but the science overlords need to be honest about the tradeoffs and stop making them single factor solutions and downright sacrosanct. Let functional medicine also be a key factor along with less working hours as well. There's the whole elaborated germ theory problem which assumes the existence of an immune system but I won't get into that. Peeps who've seen enough of my posts know my alternative position on why vaccines actually work(hint hint it's all about toxic commensalization)