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The scientific blue church consensus types on the other hand have made them sacrosanct. Again, I'm not inherently against them nor do I think they actually cause autism in any single factorial sense but I am more then convinced there is a link to at least suggest that they co-factor. Once again the definitive thing that would settle this would be a vaccinated non-vaccinated study.

There are of course all kinds of examples of tertiary causation. Chiropractic neck manipulations for instance correlate with debilitations and death every so often and while I do think there is a link(sorry chiros) there are probably other factors as well. Hallucinatory drugs co-factoring with psychotic shocks would be another example. As Hamilton Morris would point out, the preconditions were already there. I don't see why vaccines would be any different in regards to greater epigenetic risk ESPECIALLY if you've looked into the latest data on gut-brain connection.

As I've said, do the fucking study and let's find out in regards to more or less neurological diseases.