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As I've commented before in previous threads that devolve into a string of the same person complaining about the anarchist scene, this is often a misnomer, and the blame is maliciously misattributed.

To call a "scene" (are we referring to a network of businesses, a neighborhood, a single venue?) anarchist, is often contentious, when at any given time you will see a variety of lefties (socialists, communists, abolitionists, etc) hippies, liberals, and counter-culturally inclined youth with various degrees of political obliviousness, naivety and apathy. Often, the few that call themselves anarchist are only tenuously so. Be it the communalists in solidarity with Rojava who derive their theory and causal disdain for anarchy from the ex-half-assed anarchist Bookchin, the uber-liberals who derive their insights from Chomsky and so on. This situation is specially true in the many fronts (like antifascist fronts) and single-cause specific groups. The anarchists are almost always the minority in these spaces. So apparently this butthurt anon wants to let us know (over and over) that they were the token communist within an exclusively anarchist group that wronged him by not living up to his standards of communist revolutionaries?

Moreover, I would indeed advise against venturing into these spaces precisely because you will find that the people that make it toxic are also the ones that complain about it the loudest and blame others without looking at themselves. There's nothing to gain by sharing space with people that want the opposite to what you want and that will then hold a grudge because you didn't put effort towards that, and even feel entitled to other people's effort, even those which they have never met.

People change and move, but also people come to the scene shopping for ideologies , friends or lifestyles, and then leave when they founnd what they were looking for, and take it with them, or when they don't find what they want and leave empty handed. Worst-case scenario, you find bad things you weren't looking for and leave with trauma, or stay there forever despite hating it.