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Governments had better be careful deploying spyware against any community with as many hackers as ourselves. The FBI already lost a CIPAV to capture and reverse engineering, and the NSA:s Eternal Blue was captured and put to work for hackers.

Capturing a Pegasus binary or files modified by Pegasus might require a "q-ship" phone set up to record every file installed or modified, but then they can be put through a disassembler at least and maybe a decompiler to generate source code.

From that point the generated source code can be published-or edited to work with different, reverse-engineered servers. Than we deploy our very own black masked winged horse against police chiefs, Mayors, and corporate CEO's. Imagine a CEO moving after his house gets trashed, only to find protesters waiting to greet him as he moves into his new home!

I see black-clad anarchists riding a "varient" Pegasus to battle here!