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Who's we exactly warrior

I'm not in the least interested in the progs vs the trads for the battle of US hegemony. While I do not like the right at all, the current professional managerial class adjacent left-which includes antifa-is not a friend of anarchism and anarchy in the least. The fact that you have a significant amount of the right cheering on what's going on in France right now tells you everything you need to know about how bad the late state left is. It's bad even by it's own flawed no longer radical standards. I say let them beat the shit out of each other.

Your whole war mode is just an grand narrative war elaboration of punks vs skins. It really just is white political gang politics precisely as Jacques Camatte analyzed. If one were to do a proper threat assessment the bigger threat BY FAR is the continued growth of the national security state under a liberal mode of power as opposed to the conservative right wing one pre-obama. People like Greenwald and Snowden have been screaming about this with many idiot leftists(of the Vaush type) not noticing or caring. I could care less about a nonexistent rising fascism in comparison.

It's time for anarchists to be anarchists at this state of history and break with this toxic decadent power corrupted legacy left.

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