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Class Warrior (not verified)
"Non existant?" We nearly had a fucking facist coup in the U$

On Jan 6, we had an attempt by Donald Trump's minions to overturn an election by force.

Before you dismiss the election itself, consider what happens when Fascists are done with elections. A Trump dictatorship with no further elections and a rubberstamp (or NO) congress would have likely meant giving police power of adminstrative detention, explicit bans on people of color entering upscale areas of some cities, still-larger concentration camps for migrants, and possibly the deputization of anti-migrant militias on the border. Police roundups against the far left requiring little or nothing in the way of format charges (just "security orders") would have been very likely.

We didn't assault the Capitol on Jan 6, Trump supporters did. They were chomping at the bit to make war on the Left, with the goal of wiping us out. We had to fight major street battles with them to keep them from destroying Black Lives Matter Plaza on Nov 14 and Dec 12. Had we stayed home, they would have burned everything on the Plaza and the cheering victory parties after would have given the extreme right a major boost-just in time for January 6. On Jan 6, we let them and the cops go at each other, while a few of us focussed sucessfully on defending the Plaza again. In the end, the coup attempt failed, with the coup plotters facing the usual result of a failed coup attempt.

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