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There's a lot of potential for people to develop careless, demeaning attitude toward others just because of it. So there's a way I think to care without becoming attached, so that loss will not be as tough every time...

From the dead's perspective, I guess there's no reason to worry about whatever happens when you die. As Epicurus said, the world of the dead is another world, another plane. And even if there's nothing, this outcome is only painful from the view of the living. "Nothing happens!" means no pain, no horror.

I don't care much about what I'd leave behind, as I won't be around, duh. It's more about what this experience has been for me... how did progress or what good did I achieve? That's the only thing I worry about. How would it be to die with the awareness of having done abuse to others, or with the memory of the good shit I did out of my life?