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I would say I'm less concerned with being remembered. I'll leave behind writings I guess bit that's more focused on the here and now, hopefully people will already have moved beyond my ideas by the time I'm dead. I care more about the physicality of death, living in death. I hope I'll die somewhere no one will ever find me. I'll rot and decompose, maybe even be eaten, but animals and bugs. I hope my death will be just like i hope I hope to live my life, interconnected with nature, free from institutions, the coffin is the last prison I hope to escape.

As for how I remember others, I would say it's quite limited to just that, remembrance. I'm not one for ritual. I guess in a way I try not to think separately of the dead or of the living. But remember our time together for what it was. And share stories of the good times that were had, the lessons to be learned, etc.