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Speaking of honor and memory, and the past being domineering of the present/future, grudges are a sort of negative memory and affect that, in the desire to avenge a person or a struggle which was defeated, when that revenge is not carried out to give closure, it can fester and take out the liveliness out of a person.

When the memory of a past struggle, or way of carrying out that struggle, haunts the person decades after the past and makes the bitter and jaded and they can’t move on. They become like a broken record of petty jabs and passive aggressive remarks, instead of moving on.

That person, stuck in their ways and in their memory of “the golden days”, would be in need of a symbolic death and rebirth so they can live anew with a refreshed imagination and ability to appreciate the new day for what it is and for what it could be, instead of endless mourning of what could have, should have, would have been.

So yes, remembering, but also letting go, and moving on.