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I think there’s no magical word that will make you want to help or work alongside people you don’t want to work with, as well as to stop working alongside people you feel compelled to work with.

Gustavo Rodríguez says: anarchists, only support anarchist prisoners.
Mónica here says: anarchists, support all prisoners of the revolt.

It’s only a matter of degree, the difference between calls of support to “anarchists” at large, and the non-sectarian “struggle” as a whole. There is only a tenuous link of supposed affinity between the strangers that would heed the call to help these strangers. There’s no unit, nor unity. To accuse of sectarianism is to be angry at the fact that there are no intimate relationships between the people that you aggregate in a concept.

I say: do whatever you want. I personally don’t support any of them. If my family went to prison, or fell ill, I would support them, and they’re not anarchists. That is a labor of love that is earned through real relationships, not allegiance to words.

Mónica and Francisco have that type of relationship with the people that support them and the people they want others to support. But if someone wants to help and pour their hearts out for a stranger, whether they’re anarchist or not, that’s on them, that’s fine too.

It would be interesting to know if the magnitude and importance of the resources that are at stake that these sides are apparently vying for. Is there really a proverbial person sitting on the fence between sending money or a letter to a generic non-denominational subversivx prisoner of the revolt or sending it to an anarchist with Gustavo’s seal of approval? Someone shopping for a prisoner penpal that can’t choose between Bahamondes or Pombo Da Silva, Villarroel or Cospito?