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With increasing encroachment upon wilderness areas and the demise and extinction of an increasing number of species the probability that the omnipresent viruses that formerly relied upon these now absent hosts will now seek out the most popular species available i.e. perps.
This is only the first of many coming plagues and pandemics and every compassionate anarch must give their immunity system a vaccine to assist it in its war against the imperialistic-esque viral invasion.
Remember that the Earth's population would probably be around 1 maybe 2 billion at most if not for the regime of vaccinations from birth for diptheria, polio, smallpox, gangrene, chickpox etc etc.
Ironically, most anti-vac perps would be dead if not for the vaccinations they received in their infancy, so their hypocrisy should be called out.
To refuse free vaccination is to be nihilistically ideological or else have confidence in what can only be their cast-iron immunity system and medical insurance.