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An underdiscussed issue in vaccine mandates is enforcement and its side effects. I am vaccinated but refuse to carry a phone loaded with a closed source tracking app linked to government databases.

The use of vaccine tracking apps in phones often spills identity and location data. In a number of countries (notably parts of Australia) every place you scan that app creates a record of your presence. The countermeasures are to refuse the app even if vaccinated, and patronize only places that either do not have mandates or which accept paper records and do not photograph or write them down. That might mean boycotting most indoor spaces beyond the grocery store. In general it means not going anywhere with a doorman or a mandatory app checkin station. Certainly you can live without indoor sporting events and concerts, and a lot of things done formerly in nightclubs can now be found outdoors. Cancel gym memberships etc and get outdoors instead: it's free and nobody can put tracking app checkin stations everywhere outdoors.

If it is required for employment, using it nowhere else means no new records generated. For that scenario, one phone takes the app and goes only to work,the other is your real phone. If you don't get paid enough to afford a second phone, you are wasting your time working for that boss. Consider quitting that job if anyone else takes paper records once (or none) instead of requiring you to check in daily with an app. Do not tolerate "probation for all" imposed by politicians or bosses.

If vaccines are now mainly for self-defense and herd immunity is no longer possible, the only excuse for vaccine passports just boarded Delta flight zero and flew away. Get your vaccine, but avoid tracking apps like the plague they are.