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It’s about time. I was starting to think there weren’t any “real” anarchists left. Just a bunch of authoritarian communists and self righteous liberals.
If you want a vaccine, go get one, but leave everyone else the fuck alone. If this thing was as deadly as we were lead to believe, they wouldn’t have to work night and day trying to convince/force/scare/bribe/guilt everyone into getting the fucking vaccines.
It’s completely possible, and probably even likely, things are going to get worse before they get better, but trying to blame the unvaccinated for the new strains is a fucking joke at this point. It’s only the last few weeks that we can even say that everyone who wanted a vaccine in the US could get one. Not to mention, it sure looks like the vaccines aren’t working as marketed. (75% of new cases in the recent outbreak in Provincetown or wherever were fully vaccine people)
The self righteous posturing is vomit inducing. The left is so proud of themselves for their obedience and boot licking, but superiority isn’t enough for them, they need to punish anyone that would like to decide for themselves what risks are and aren’t worth taking.
“TRUST THE SCIENCE” is the new fucking mantra for the authoritarian left. As if the science isn’t ever changing.(and very obviously not anywhere near settled in regards to the current situation)
Trust me, if I see people dropping dead around me, and a vaccine that seems to be preventing the deaths, I’ll go get one, but right now, that ain’t how things look to me.
The left has lost their damn minds. Doing everything they can to support the biggest multinational companies in the world, and propping up capitalism and government authority in every way they can.(and most “anarchists“ are right there with them)
I wish I could just be embarrassed for them, but it’s too terrifying. This won’t end well for anyone.

Also, for what it’s worth, I’m nowhere near an anti-vaxxer, just an anti capitalist, anti authoritarian.