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Combating Movement Misogyny

from The Final Straw Radio

This week on the show, William and Scott are presenting an interview with Alice and Dolly, who are two people working toward Disability Justice and Mad Activism (among other things), about the prevalence of movement misogyny in antifascist currents, world building as antifascist and as community defense, ways to rethink harmful patterns in movements, and some things we can do to make each other safer. The show initially got in touch with these guests based on a Twitter thread that they co-authored about these issues. Check out our podcast at our website later today for a longer conversation.

Listen here

You can follow Alice on Twitter @gothbotAlice, and to read Tema Okun’s work which Dolly was referencing on unmasking and addressing white supremacy culture you can follow the link in our show notes – or – search “White Supremacy Culture” on your search engine and follow the results to the pdf on the page.

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Phone Zap for Rashid


​On July 12 Kevin “Rashid” Johnson was transferred from Wabash Valley prison in Indiana to the custody of the Ohio Department of Corrections, being brought directly to their intake center in Orient. He would remain there for less than three weeks before being sent to Lucasville prison on July 30th.

… More details in the actual post, listed above at Rashidmod…

For Virginia: #1007485

For Indiana: #264847

For Ohio: #A787991



Joseph Walters, Dep. Director VADOC

(Proxy for Harold W. Clarke, Director of the Department of Corrections)


James Park, Interstate Compact Administrator

Annette Chambers-Smith, Director of Ohio Depart of Rehabilitation and Corrections

please contact: Melissa Adkins (Executive Assistant)

via email:


Ronald Erdos, Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, Warden (Lucasville)


Charlene Burkett, Director DOC Ombudsman Bureau (Indiana)

(317) 234-3190

402 W. Washington St. Room W479

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Richard Brown, Warden

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, Indiana

(812) 398-5050