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"The hospitals remain underfunded while the far right, as in many Western countries, has adopted an insincere posture of rebellion against the health industry and state health measures. The same people who desire to see fascists and police attack immigrants have the audacity to portray themselves as partisans of personal liberty.

Whether through misguided belief in divine protection or concern about supposed Jewish conspiracies, the far right in Greece have set themselves against vaccination. As in the US, first-world access to the vaccine does not guarantee that Greece will have a widely vaccinated population."

There's not even a token "not all anti-vaxxers" phrase. Incredible.

This unnuanced criticism of anti-vaxxers is putting many (not all) anarchists very much in the wrong on this question. Yes, some shitty people are anti-vaxx, just as some shitty people adopt any given position. But anti-vaxxers have very legitimate concerns regarding safety of the vaccines (given Big Pharma's history), the deliberate suppression of knowledge about natural immunity, censorship of medical professionals with a range of alternative viewpoints on COVID, the relentless fudging or misleading presentation of COVID statistics of various kinds to make it seem more dangerous, and - most of all - the creation of vaxx passports (which will inevitably be used to control movement and social status in other ways).

As is so often the case a certain antifa-associated strand of anarchism, there is this desperate, knee-jerk reflex to oppose whatever is supposedly a "far-right" view and to smear it with guilt by association. And it's fucking outrageous to smear anyone who shows up to an anti-vaxx protest as someone who "desire[s] to see fascists and police attack immigrants," or a religious fundamentalist, or an anti-Semite. Fuck off, Woke cop.