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Land should be wild and unowned by anyone, and occupied by anyone, even if there is a field of cultivated crops, they can be consumed daily for one's needs free of charge ( some weeding and pruning done by the visitor as payment )
If the wanderers come across the cultivator, an exchange may be arranged, whereby some marriage may occur between the clans, and an extention of family may occur, combining skills and ideas. This clan may become settled or they will wander to richer soiled areas.
If they happen to encounter another large extended clan who lack respect and are ignorant and cruel, they may have to defend themselves and if peace talks fail, they may have to escape secretly at night, and if this seems impossible, and it looks like they will all be murdered, they may unleash their hunting mastiffs which they have trained to attack humans, and they may construct a fort as many human societies do, cos mankind is just hopeless and warmongering and deceitful, and need to be taught a lesson or exiled.
A security or police force may be formed by the clan to protect all their possessions, but others, the true anarchs, will run off, sickened by the boredom and rules of domesticity, and roam the tranquil wild nihil-esque mountains, some in boats on the ocean, free and joyful, occasionally visiting the clan members who chose the warmth and security of the home base, with its luxurious hot baths, soft beds and safety.