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"for you see, in order to prevent me and others from doing any of that, you’ll need the State’s laws related to property to use against me in a prosecution"

i call bullshit. that harkens back to the questions/discussions of calling cops. this anarchist will handle shit myself, with comrades if necessary. owning land simply gives you certain "rights" in the eyes of the law. i could not give a shit about the law, EXCEPT to keep myself and those i care about free from its clutches (since it does have the ultimate force behind it). so if i buy land simply to keep the law - and the capitalist fucks that use it to prevent me from living on that unused land - off my back, that does not mean i have to include/use the law in everything related to that land. that would be absurd.

as someone above mentioned, owning land does not mean you can do whatever you want on it in the eyes of the law. that is why i would only want to "own" land as far from those eyes as i could get. for the majority of folks, who choose urban life, those eyes are ever-present and over-bearing. one of the primary reasons i bailed on that shit 2 decades ago was specifically to have better control over when and how those eyes can see me.

there is nothing inherently anarchist about squatting, but it is surely and strongly anti-capitalist. i did it (on very harsh land that very few would ever want) for the better part of 15 years. but that was a land situation that is ever harder to find.

we live in a capitalist world, we all make "compromises" as a result. we have some choices around where we are willing to compromise, but usually, not. young folks have much more energy and idealistic notions than those of us nearer the end of our lives than the beginning. we all have to make our own choices.