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"i could not give a shit about the law, EXCEPT to keep myself and those i care about free from its clutches (since it does have the ultimate force behind it)."

Hums... basically you're validating the statement you quoted. If using the law to protect yourself and your gang/clan/friends, then we're still within the realm of State-sanctioned and supported property. Or in other words, liberalism. You may take the autonomous means to defend "your" land, but that's exactly what the fascists are into.. autonomously integrating State-defined legislations and being the cops in the place of the cops in enforcing those legislations.

A now-infamous real-world instance of this pattern is how some of the ZAD squatters (appelistes or otherwise) went on negotiating with the government in securing agricultural domains for their crowd, so to use against those (the eco-anarcho types) they didn't agree with,unleashing their tractors against the efforts to replenish forest areas.

Property to you is a right that can be purchased in Ancapistan.

To me, it is THEFT. Especially on Turtle Island where it cannot be any more clearer than that.