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Looking especially at those developed and policed places where bored neighbors are the biggest enemies. And in the region where I am, there's even repression and snitching against stealth campers. So it's not even precisely an issue of ownership, as much as it is about the freedom to LIVE in a place, and not be exploited just for having a place where to live (what is otherwise globally recognized as a fundamental need). Seen from a distance, from a squatter's perspective, that people are paying for a space looks like nothing less than psychosis. But when it's the norm, then it becomes the "sane" and moral practice. Just because... it's normal, and it's legal. This is also the authoritarianism -or basic servitude- I was referring to. The trait of the most indoctrinated people is their dedifferentiation between what is legal and what is moral.

The observation that triggered me the most was this government program we have in Canada, where public "contests" are held every year to claim and take ownership of a lot on the Crown's Lands. That is actually a kind of lease, that is pretty cheap, yet after a while you can become a full owner. That gimmick... that's almost the exact same land-leasing pattern you've had since the French colony (the second, feudal wave that started in the late 17th century). So that's bluntly the continuation of colonization, in is most primitive form. And people taking part in it are actively reproducing it. Of course, in some cases that'll be (hopefully) to do nothing with it, but there's a growing trend among yuppies of going back to the land, and the form it takes is a destructive, schizophrenic mess that causes direct harm to non-human life around.