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The OP states the totw is tainted and that the subsequent comments complain or favor a destruction of land ownership and the laws which allow it, and then precedes to whine on about his age long labor and hardship to finally OWN his plot of land, all selfishly for himself, JUST LIKE THE FOUNDING FATHERS, recuperating the pioneering colonialist dream of a ranch and comforts, ITS SOOO BORING MUHRIKAN DREAM RHETORIC.
Old timer rancher/homesteader, THIS IS AN ANARCHIST SITE, so take your W.A.S.P. land-ownership values and work ethic to a museum for wasted nightmares, WE ROAMING NIHILIST HORDES WILL ONE DAY PASS THROUGH YOUR LITTLE GOD'S ACRE AND EAT EVERYTHING AND PLAY EVERYTHING FISH EVERYTHING FUCK EVERYTHING STEAL EVERYTHING and then pass on to the next greedy homestead3r who refuses to share his surplus in good faith!