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at least, in the scenes i've been in, have to do with a. cops, and b. making arguments, but that's just off the top of my head.
being in the streets was mentioned in the prompt, and that's real. writing something, especially under a recognized name, is also a thing, as is doing as presentation as an anarchist/at an anarchist event.
so is organizing something, and so is organizing something that fails for a variety of predictable reasons (racialized conflict, lack of resources/energy, etc). your first relationship/break up within an anarchist scene. your first call out as a bad actor in the anarchist scene...
maybe i'm making this too broad. but thinking kind of about how we have these things that we don't recognize as such, because of reasons.
probably being too broad.
i do think of initiation and ritual as different, but with lots of overlap.

i am pretty attached to the ritual of street action as an initiation, even though plenty of people seem to get stuck there/burn out from there. maybe that's just me though.