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i'm not much of a science nut, but there are certain developments that are not understood by quite frankly anyone. If you try to make people be more humanistic and compassionate, then they will become dependent on you, or whatever you have said to them. You're version sounds a lot more like a test than an initiation or ritual. If you set wierd traps for people to see if they will fall into them, they're totally going to notice later on. An intense situation only reveals certain things, and jobs in the medical profession or coppery don't necessarily create altruistic anarchists.

I do agree with you that people tend reveal things about themselves that other's notice about them, and that reading books isn't necessarily that important. And yes, really tough or traumatic situations do reveal certain things about people. For example, the whole pandemic thing has revealed how miserable people are, and it has also revealed how isolation tends to increase that misery.

I think accelerationism is complete bullshit, btw. It just sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel. In practice, it's progressive politics in wolves clothing. Your special, unique, and clever version of it sounds an aweful lot like saviordumb. Sitting on the internet trying to convert people's opinions is not something i EVER want to do, and it's really fucking wierd that the hoards of anarchists on twitter do exactly that. I've literally seen people say that it's justified to bully leninists, lmfao. Fuck off. Why are people so into fascism? Treating people like they're inferior absolutely does not have anything to do with anti-authoritarianism, and it only has to do with anarchists in the sense that they are victims of uncontrollable forces, desperately trying to entertain themselves.