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ohhh fascinating! what a lovely case study we have here! cute little example of how we lie to ourselves with our rhetoric, perhaps? it's not my first rodeo so no, you won't be running offense as defense and switching to interrogating with the classic "WELL?! YOU DEFINE EVERYTHING THEN!!!"

nope! since you're being a little shit, i won't be answering to your bad faith questions but I will address more directly how you dodged what I said before you started attacking your weakass strawman.

what I said at the time was I actually went there and there was very little intentionally or explicitly anarchist about the place imo. as in, it was a wealthy benefactor who was whimsically generous to the local hippy transient kids, nothing wrong with that! but then due to illness, this person was largely absent and some more unpleasant folks seized on the power vacuum to do the usual, mostly making money. then there was infighting and finally, after the illness had run its course, the next of kin decided they didn't want to fuck with random communes.

you know, like it's a pretty ordinary story about poverty and the whims of an eccentric and what I find strange and sad is how people desperately project their ideological assumptions on to it from thousands of miles away, up to and including this hyper defensive little display you just put on here.