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Alex Gorrion on Immediatism podcast

From the book The Totality is Incomplete: Collected Essays of Alex Gorrion, come three new readings on Immediatism podcast. First and as an antidote to the latest Marvel movies, enjoy "Of Superhumans & Cyborgs," by Alex Gorrion (episode 645).

The next piece's full title is "We Want to be Great Like Our Crime: The Criminal Ego and the Struggle in Society (On Isabelle Eberhardt’s “Criminal” and Renzo Novatore’s “Toward the Creative Nothing”)"(episode 646).
""I'm quite aware that this way of life is dangerous," writes Isabelle, "but the moment of danger is also the moment of hope[...] When my heart has suffered, then it has begun to live." Renzo echoes her: "And if our ideas are dangerous, it is because we are those who love to live dangerously.""

The third piece's full title is "Has the insurrection come yet? My arm is getting tired... A cartography of The Coming Insurrection, Tiqqun, and their Party." In three episodes (647-649) Gorrion compares the Invisible Committee to CrimethInc. ("with a better vocabulary"), asks whether the Imaginary Party is . . . well, imaginary, and asserts that they have fallen for their own joke.

Previously on Immediatism were recorded readings of three additional essays by Gorrion: Golem in the Catacombs (episode 294), For the Love of God (episode 295), and Science (episodes 296, 297), all from the book The Totality is Incomplete, available through Little Black Cart.

Of Superhumans & Cyborgs, episode 645

Criminal Ego & The Struggle in Society, episode 646

Cartography of the Coming Insurrection 1, episode 647
Cartography of the Coming Insurrection 2, episode 648
Cartography of the Coming Insurrection 3, episode 649

Previously Recorded:

Golem in the Catacombs, episode 294

For the Love of God, episode 295

Science 1, episode 296
Science 2, episode 297

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