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“How did Occupy in your location go?”

It was pathetic. A few seemingly vacant and untended tents on the side of the road with some illegible cardboard signs leaning on them.

“Did Occupy have any long term impacts on your anarchist ideas and praxis 10 years later?”

No. But afterwards any short-lived protest would see the appearance of tents. Kind of like how some people make a habit of bringing a folding chair to outdoor shows and events.

“If you had a chance to do it all over again in 2021, what would you do differently?”

I would still not go. Except I did pass by them on my way to other places, but that doesn’t count.

“What do you think about this “Shock-u-py and Awe-cu-py” strategy and the one convergence to rule them all?”

Is this what similar to what happened in the 2020 uprisings in various cities which were deemed “anarchist jurisdictions”? Except those uprisings were organic and not planned conspiracies, as they tend to be. The planned ones tend to be farces like that January 6 debacle a few months ago.

“Where in the world would be best for something like this to take place?”

A place with the least police and army and the most youth. Preferably during summer so that they’re not busy with school.