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I should know, I posted it myself. From its humble beginnings to its sudden growth a week later, to the siege of the "Defending the AmeriKKKan Dream" Koch shinding (where a car rammed one of us) to the reoccupation of Franklin School (shelter) to the "People's Pentagon to the Feb 4 police raid, I was there.

For all the criticisms of Occupy, it was a broad-based popular uprising from mostly left of the center. Yes, here in DC we had problems keeping Ron Paulies and others who you now see in the Trump camp out. Still, you don't see the Proud Boys shutting down Bank of America over evictions and you never will. We had some confrontations with fash/Paulies here, and there were more unhoused folks at McPherson than there ever were people even slightly to the right.

The only preplanned Occupy that I know of was the original Occupy Wall Street, which appears to have been intended from its Adbusters origin as take it over for the weekend, fight a battle with the cops on Monday, and lose it by the end of that day. Instead, the cops yielded a park and the rest is history. The rest seemed to blow up from nowhere, with Wall Street being the spark not the fire. Same thing Summer 2020: when one more vicious police murder was the "straw that brolke the camel's back" in one city after all that racial lockdown enforcement, seemingly all cities blew at once. BOTH of these were proto-insurgencies with real potential to challenge the continuation of the regime of the day had they continued to escalate. We now see yet another proto-insurgency from our enemies (some of whom unfortunately learned from Occupy) and thus many say we are now in a three-way fight.