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If you're going to take that line against covid you better know what you're arguing. I've studied the discourse of virology for years so I at least know their strengths and weaknesses and how they would take on the point that covid was never isolated(they would say 'are you saying all those other viruses haven't been isolated either). I would say yes but I would have a ready made counter theory to explain what viral disease ACTUALLY are.

Covid is many things but it is NOT a hoax. It's a toxicological viral disease that probably didn't come from a lab. Why does the earth need to be 'reclaimed' in your view. The earth is to be lived on. It doesn't care what humans do to it even it if were brought down to a Martian type existence. While I'm not a humanist I'd like as many people to survive as possible and gain self-enjoyment on this planet. Plenty will be tainted.