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New Releases from D&O Distro (Queer, Nihilist, and Insurrectionalist distro)

These last couple of months we've been busy working on some new texts and collections on themes of Illegalism, Prostitution/Sex work, Queer Insurrectional Praxis, Anti Colonialism, and more, as well as some new posters and translations. A short List is Given here:

Illegalist/Insurrectionist perspectives on prostitution/sex work:

'Bite the Hand that Feeds You' - An illegalist and insurrectional assessment of prostitution written by people within the trade. Railing against, work, clients, civilization and society; the text is a brutal and effective punch in the face to liberal and stateist narratives around work and particularly work in the sex industry.

'Collected Writings of the Prostitutes War Group' The Collected Writings of the Prostitutes War Group is a series of texts collected from a loose Ilegalist network of Prostitutes who wrote a series of texts and participated in a number of extortion’s, robberies, and clandestine activities which were published in the year of 2017.


'Manifesto of Nihilist Women' Text taken from the anarchist library and zineified Originally translated from french by Micheal Shreve this very short text comes out of the French Illegalist tendency in the late 1800’s and is a call to arms for all women to begin engaging in precise acts of violence and sabotage against those in positions of dominance.

Anti Colonialism/Anti Fascism:

'Towards a Gender Disobedient and Anti-Colonial Redistribution of Violence' 'The apocalypse seems to be at this point in time, the only reasonable political demand'

' ‘Towards an Insurrectionary Antifascism’' The text, is a meandering critique of the current state of anti fascism (with particular reference to the scene in the UK), the historical failings of traditional antifascist analysis and the centricity of purely anti fascist critiques which fail to recognize the inherent facism contained within all states, police forces and institutions of domination, as well as attempting to attack both technology and the fascist outpourings of some anti tech positions such as those held by ITS and their apologists.

Queer Insurrectional Praxis:

‘The Mary Nardini Gang, Vengeance, and the Implausibility of Liberal Queerness’. A collection of all the writings of the Mary Nardini Gang, presented alongside critical engagements with them and the Bash Back! Milieu by the editors of the Hostis Journal, as well as editorials from the European context on the state of Insurrectional Trans-feminism and Queer Insurrectional praxis.


Criminal Intimacy Poster featured in the picture of this post.

Fake Nike/Anti cop poster in English, German, and French: Cop? Contemplating Suicide? It's 2019, JUST DO IT