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G.A.R.I.: Documentary on a '70s anti-authoritarian armed group

Download here

Sharing a feature-length documentary on G.A.R.I. (Revolutionary Internationalist Action Groups), which carried out a number of attacks against the Franco regime. Most famously, they kidnapped a banker, demanding freedom for anarchist prisoners in Spain.

The film, created by the child of two G.A.R.I. members, features interviews with those involved, alongside animated re-enactments, centering largely upon the kidnapping.

G.A.R.I. is noteworthy for the (alleged, in some cases) participation of Jean-Marc Rouillan, Octavio Alberola, Lucio Urtubia, and Jean Weir, and therefore its place within the constellation of anti-authoritarian guerrilla groups of the '70s: The First of May Group, The Angry Brigade, Action Directe, Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación, Azione Rivoluzionaria, etc.

I snagged this, with English subtitles, from Stuart Christie's vimeo a few years back before it got taken down. Figured I'd share it. Please download & share, as it might get removed again.

Just a reminder that the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners is coming up. Film screening benefits for imprisoned anarchists are always an option.