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TOTW: Let's Get Organized!

Someone once told me that I should only begin projects I can complete by myself.

Organizing is the antithesis of such advice. The preferred method of bringing ideas to life for the organizer is a church-like mass.

The focus becomes the abacus. The task itself is secondary, and as a result leaves a vacancy easily filled by fantasy. The greater the fantasy, the more powerless the individual, and the more reliant on the organizer they become.

If you were to organize your thoughts into objectives you alone could achieve your activities may begin to resemble ordinary life under capitalism.

Without the fantasies would you still be doing anarchism? Without the bravado of clandestine plans would you still be an anarchist? Is it necessary for anarchy that we boast ideas of grandeur to a mass of co-conspirators?

How can anarchists celebrate a life built on their individual capabilities alone, even if that means never experiencing insurrection?