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Two new announcements from Distinctively Dionysian

i want a sea burial - thecollective_1.8

From Distinctively Dionysian

How to Bury an Anarchist and new Renzo Novatore translations

From Distinctively Dionysian

New column: How to Bury an Anarchist

Anarchist GravestoneHow to Bury an Anarchist added to Distinctively Dionysian! This now monthly addition follows along with the creation of a natural burial ground & forest restoration/conservation cemetery simultaneously blossoming in both Southern Oregon & British Columbia.

In the death & dying arena, How to Bury an Anarchist covers human composting, direct to Earth forest renewal, plans for those w/unique wishes & concerns (like, protection of pseudonymity or nom de guerre before and after death, free services for the houseless, anarchist archive handling, memorial planning and ensuring specific direct actions take place post-death, and so on.

You can find the new column in each issue forthcoming. If you ‘d like to contribute, contact us.

How to Bury an Anarchist explores a variety of land and conservation topics from acquisition to actively protecting the forest in perpetuity from gov & industry interference, dam breaching, wild salmon efforts, fracking pipeline & eminent domain direct actions, reforestation and a myriad of death & cemetery topics…


From Distinctively Dionysian

New Renzo Novatore translations & a set of captivating postcards are complete for the October issue of Distinctively Dionysian.

Thrilled about the first issue of Autumn 2019 as we’ve included Novatore’s Oscar Wilde book reviews, a passionate love letter to egoists by Alexandra David-Néel, some rare Isabelle Eberhardt, Baudelaire and much more.

To receive a copy, visit the subscribe or about page