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you're right.

i'll still wiggle in protest, look: it is a false binary, in the sense that one is not opposite or cancel out the other. also, people interested in organizing/going to a bookfair are not necessarily those that would like to do the other things. plus, me complaining does not change anything.

now...are bookfairs done out of an irresistible impulse to do them, an overwhelming demand for them, or a desire to have a big meet-up and mingling plus a lack of creativity which causes them to fall-back to easier to replicate go-to models of things overdone? i truly do not know.

i went to a tiny bookfair (not an anarchist one) once, i sped by the books in each table, i flipped through the pages, none interested me, then left. everyone seemed to be doing the same thing, not much mingling or interaction. someone was later brought in to shout bad poetry on a microphone, i'm guessing that made some people leave faster, but it also made a group stay gathered around the poet, listening like spectators, not talking among each other.

when the music is loud at a dance club people don't chat much either. bar with loud music do host some conversation, though the music doesnt help. who the fuck goes to coffee shops except yuppies during working hours (non-young urban professionals, i guess?

i don't know. maybe i shouldn't have shit opinions. but i have internet and keyboard!