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"who the fuck goes to coffee shops except yuppies during working hours (non-young urban professionals, i guess?"

I go to coffee shops attended by yuppies when it's not too busy and I got no better source for decent coffee & wifi... What's the deal? Could be a food court, an academic campus, a park, even some fast-food chain if I'm out of better solutions... Places don't make people, it's the opposite. Looking forward to more wifi cafés run by anarchos, that are actively inclusive to OTHER PEOPLE than yuppies.

Other than that, your experience of bookfairs pretty much represents their inherent problem(s). You can't be having a very efficient meet-up and agitation space around the practice buying books over a table. It's just a variation on the over-the-counter relation... Of course anarcho-left liberals never went as deep as to be questioning themselves about this structure. As long as it makes them money for their distro or (yuppie) workers' coop...