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You know in reading that now laughable Kaplan prognosis of Africa South Asia and the other areas it brings to light how wrong crude pessimistic predictions like Desert tend to be. I predict that in 2048 and shortly there after much of what that Desert anonidiot predicted will look laughable to what will probably be a nominally more comfortable condition overall.

There's things that me and JJ agree on in terms of hyper pessimism, he's definitely right about climate change as well as the population issue. My issue is that ecology needs to become a value beyond catastrophe and state of emergency. Remember it began with Western Peak oil and the end of the good times and was essentially, mostly, an energy substitutional ideology with masked language and rhetoric. I want ecology to become an extension of einzige. It should be about how to live be and become in the world. It doesn't matter to me whether machinological solutions solve the pressing problems and create some green machinological world societal cybernate. The ISSUE is leviathanized reified machinological totality that subsumes all. In Brave New world they presumably solved the classical ecology problems, IT'S STILL BRAVE NEW WORLD! That's the issue.

What I want are human visions of excess and ecology brought into one with a thousand flowers blooming without pollution. The issue with TK for me is even if his revolution is successful you would have a Pol Pot scenario where that which is repressed will simply return. The underlying issue is psychomodern humanity and until you find away to square ecology and excess these problems will continue. Keith Preston of all people wrote a decent review of Anti-Tech Revolution and his thousand flowers bloom view is broadly in line with my own and he makes the same point about the TK revolution having the same characteristics as Pol Pot were it to be successful.

Ultimately Enzo Martucci is right that history civilization and leviathan will simply have to exhaust itself over time. The role of the anarchist, anarch, uncivilized ect is to chip away at the currency of reified human values again and again and of course conserve what can be conserved.