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it's clear that you don't know anything about me, dave foreman or ed abbey or any of our politics. okay, fascist is a stretch. but they were "anarchists" with important exceptions like that of being hardcore against "illegal immigration" across the u.s. state's borders. there are other warning signs if you want to go looking through their writings. really this is pretty well known stuff that led to them and their cohort being roundly rejected by the second gen of ef! by around 20 years ago. hell, foreman was such an open racist he was kicked out of the liberal af sierra club... fuck off with your "anyone who disagrees with me is a leftist ancom maoist" bs. the people you are defending are literally national-anarchists and the person you are defending them to spent a lot of years throwing down as a green anarchist. i guess you don't deal with many anarcho leftists in your pleasant bubble since sadly most of them wouldn't even see that as a real distinction.