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Only you younguns talk about this ‘clout’ thing but how it gives you miraculous insight into other people’s ideas is still hard for my ages brain to catch up with. Look, fascism eco or otherwise is not a coherent ideology or program. It draws on the left, punk rock, ecology and whatever else it can in service to its dreams of nationalist violence. Incorporating the dreams of xenophobes into so called eco anarchism benefits no one besides 1) fascists and 2) leftists who already think all greens are basically racist ‘forest terfs’, and who btw definitely don’t hang out on this site but maybe you hadn’t noticed yet. Or perhaps their shadows are haunting your obsessed brain just as you would imagine anyone concerned about fascism is a ‘leftoid antifat*rd’ or w/e jumping at historical shadows. The fascist creep is all too real phenomenon even though not as prevalent as some leftists like to say. Anyone who wants to mix white nationalist agenda and ecology, especially deep ecology with its unexamined deeply western misanthropy, should be shown the fucking door not invited to a hair splitting ideological discussion. I don’t give a fuck what you think of my nonexistent ‘clout’ I’m simply stating my POV and my clout because apparently in your warped mind anyone who disagrees with you is a Maoist. More like LMAOist