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From one person who struggles to read to another:

- Find audiobooks of what you want to read (not always possible but worth investigating). It can be worth following along if you have a physical copy of the text nearby. Or not. Whatever works;
- Set the text size to as large as you need. Don't be ashamed, you'll find it much easier to read, especially if you're dyslexic;
- Change the background colour/font/text colour on your device. Can recommend "nOverlay" on Chrome, "NoSquint" on Firefox, "Librera PRO" on Android. Search "Irlens" or "Dyslexia" + "extension" / "app" / "help" etc. for more. Genuinely changed my life.

Remember that, once you've sorted the above, texts that people are raving about are probably fun (or at least interesting) to read. When you can see the big words in a big font, you'll fly through them.