“Touch the Sky” Film Now Online

For the upcoming 6th anniversary of the Ferguson police killing of Mike Brown and the ensuing riots, we are announcing the free online release of...

Touch the Sky: Stories, Subversions, & Complexities of Ferguson

A video collage reflecting on the raw moments of the 2014 Ferguson riots. A film for the wild ones, the anarchists, and the dreamers…

We encourage people to show the movie publicly (outdoors!) or in small groups and to hold discussions. Many of the dynamics we experienced in Ferguson have again played out in cities and small towns across the U.S. in 2020.

In the coming days around the anniversary, public screenings will be held in Tampa, Knoxville, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Oakland, Olympia, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Binghamton (NY), Evansville (IN), Carbondale (IL), Williams (OR), Bakersfield (CA), Monterey (CA), Montreal and Hamilton (Canada), Montpellier (France), Brussels (Belgium), Amsterdam and The Hague (Netherlands), Munich (Germany), and Manila (Philippines). If you are nearby, check it out! Details can be found on our website: https://touchthesky.noblogs.org

A big thank you to everyone lived through those heady days with us, those who encouraged us to finish this project, those who helped with subtitles, and those who supported people through trauma and imprisonment.

Also, a big thank you to everyone around the country who hosted us and organized screenings as we toured with the movie this past year- until cut short by Coronavirus. And lastly, a big thanks to everyone at these screenings who humbly shared their own stories (of Watts, Seattle ‘99, Chilean student movements, Bahamian strikes, Puerto Rican student strikes and the 2019 protests, Standing Rock, Occupy, the Oscar Grant riots, the ZAD, post-Ferguson anti-police struggles/riots in their towns...) and also to everyone who shared their teenage or small town memories of being inspired by what happened in Ferguson.

The film can be streamed or downloaded here: https://archive.org/details/touch-the-sky

112 minutes // 2019 // St. Louis, MO (USA) // English // English & French subtitles

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Worth watching, since this will keep happening. The annoying narration that you would come to expect by the title is kept to a minimum for framing and not a deal breaker. I appreciated the restraint, that could have easily ruined it. Something like this for what is happening this year would be helpful. All those fragments spread out through social media, quickly drowned out from feeds, taken down. Put together to point towards a more whole picture.

I agree with anon 2:23, to have this aggregated in one place is great.

I kept thinking about all the bare faces shown, though I assume any who could've gotten in trouble have already.

And then Tim Pool shows up in a clip, I forgot he pretended to be on the left for a while.
Still, this is a great reminder, mask up and be careful who with a camera you talk to, probably best not to talk to them anyway.

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