90th Mobile Phone Mast Goes Up In Flames

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At around 4am during the night of Thursday September 10, in Otley Road, Bradford (West Yorkshire), a pylon topped with a 5G antenna was set on fire. The fire lit at the foot of the pylon rose right to the summit, destroying everything along the way.

The next day. Given the structural damage to the pylon, it had to be cut in three and disassembled. At least 90 mobile phone antennas have been sabotaged [in the UK] since April and the last period of lockdown, often by fire, according to official figures.

As has now become customary in some countries, vultures and State parrots immediately jumped on the hypothesis of conspiratorial opponents to 5G, while this attack is anonymous and there are plenty of other reasons for taking on this kind of telecommunication structure.

These devices contribute to alienation and the alimentation of this techno-scientific world, that empties our existence and perfects the exercise of power through control. Against all viruses, including that of the technological pandemic, fire is in any case a good remedy. Next!

[summary from the English press, 11 September 2020]

Translated by Act for Freedom Now!

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these things are a hazard to health everywhere! always spontaneously combusting into flames!

I'm glad they're taking down these 5g towers infecting everyone with covid-19 and autism.

Read it better. That was not the reason even if corporate media and conspiracy trolls want you to believe in it. Liberals and fascists feed themselves together.

can we get like, a pie chart of all the 5g arsons with little david icke graphics for the covidiots and maybe cool sunglasses emojis for everyone else? thx in advance to whoever does this data work, I need to learn but always explain like I'm 5 tho!

to be against big tech and/or authority, derek jensen hypothesized a group of anarchists who would go around and take down cell phone towers as a ritual/habit in his books...

The vagueness in this case is fucking stupid, or at best poorly-thought.

Years back, I've foreseen the potential for Far Right groups and/or State-backed counterinsurgency ops to intoxicate the CCF/FAI types of attacks, or how easy it can be to just copycat and insert a bullshit narrative behind these, thus achieving a twist of perception management that both undermines international anarchist insurgency AND the motives for attacking this particular infrastructure.

While it would help that communiques make it bold and clear that it ain't more Qanon anti-5G batshit, doing these attacks in current moment of the Second Wave, in several countries, will just make it look like it's more of the latter. Perception management should be taken into consideration for everything we do, while avoiding the trap of "appealing to the public". It's not about appealing but rather about not allow misrepresentation to flow in, or at least not to a point where the tactic has been taken out of "our" hands.

For everything you do there's a range of consequences.

The annihilation of your "moral order" -the driving narrative- you fight with is a much bigger issue than getting caught and even spending decades in jail. They may not be able to kill an idea, but they can render it powerless, even irrelevant.

We are fighting first and foremost, over a narrative. Even if you wanna take down a system, you won't get much support around such actions if your narrative is void. You'll be some lonely "crazy" charging windmills. But even that guy has become a narrative...

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