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Editorial: Merge to excel
The process initiated between Libertarian Alternative and the Coordination of Anarchist Groups has therefore come to an end. ---- The Libertarian Communist Union was born under the acclamations of the Allier congress. It's a political success and a method. ---- Wanting to avoid stagnation in endless, purposeless discussions, as well as a hasty and ill-controlled merger, AL and CGA co-elaborated a " road map " setting out each stage of discussion, verification, validation, etc. . ---- The general philosophy was: no device negotiations, no deal behind the scenes. Everything had to be put on the table and approved collectively. Eighteen months had been considered sufficient to go around the question, imagine what could be this " merger-overtaking " and culminate in the joint congress of June 2019 which was to pronounce the final decision.

But a mechanism, even well designed, is not everything. Goodwill, the desire to overcome the obstacles to get there have counted for a lot. And the climate of confidence created by the Red and Black Summer Days of July 2018 will undoubtedly have contributed greatly. Without this goodwill on both sides, the process could have repeatedly slipped on unforeseen glitches, each of which could have become a bone of contention. It has not happened.

The bet of the merger has thus prevailed. Which of the overtaking will it be ? It is our action that will decide.

UCL, June 28, 2019

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A-Infos is so old school that I guess it can look trendy, soon, when '90s revivalism kicks in... then it'll come full circle.

Dude! I already see wallet chains everywhere. Grunge is back! All the queer kids dress like extras from X-files. It's totally happening

lol at wallet chains with no wallets since these kids have digital wallets

i swear i didn’t understand this news article tho

The dirtbag left totally has that 90s aesthetic: JNCOs, nu metal, pro wrestling, dirt weed, etc. I 100% grok the desire to "reclaim" that working class, white trash identity, but having been there the first time around, I'd be quite comfortable if we all just pretended it didn't happen. Unfortunately, I think we'll be seeing more and more of it, as the nostalgia culture industry lurches out of the 80s.

As an added bonus, widespread abject poverty for younger folks means it's not just about aesthetics. Some of us have consistently been grubby trash since the 90s, #dirtbagbrag

Also Courtney Love gained back some "fame" due to appearing in Epstein's personal contacts... :-/

Like I said, it was all neoliberal era rock that ran out of ideas. Psychedelic Punk should have been the thing along with the good bits of 90s music(niche black and death metal and industrial).

"like I said", he began his first post in the thread because HE HAMMERS AWAY AT THE SAME 2 TALKING POINTS REGARDLESS OF SUBJECT

Looks like this was put up for laughs both for the archaic anarchism and the bad translation. If you're going to use a machine translation at least user DeepL.

Both these groups are involved in polite collaboration with obnoxious political electoralist groups like the semi-Trotskyist NPA (New Anti-capitalist Party). Anarcho-bureaucrats, both of them. The very title of the Coordination of Anarchist Groups (CGA )is a Leninist absurdity - most anarchist groups are not at all co-ordinated by them and yet they pretend, to anyone naive enough, to represent them ( as if representation and a libertarian perspective were compatible).

Back in 2016, the first Nuit Debout in Montpellier, where I live, was organized mainly by the CGA. There was a "stage" - that is to say everyone was facing one way to the front and if we wanted to talk we had to go there and take the microphone (without any cable) stand up and address people in the traditional conventional manner, as in the theater. After a boring 30 minute discussion, concerned only with the form of this Nuit de Boue (commissions, etc.) someone took the microphone to suggest a change in form: everyone in a circle and the microphone being passed to each person who wanted to talk, who could have remained sitting down if they'd wanted to. He immediately proposed a vote, and a majority agreed. It was only a change in form, a change that would have allowed people who are not accustomed to political roles, people who are shy about being in the limelight, , to feel less anxious about speaking in front of a crowd. But the anarcho-bureaucrats of the CGA - ideologues of a so-called "horizontalism" that they do not practice - had already decided that we were not allowed to vote right away or even change the form of their citizenist bullshit, refused to be to diverted from the plan they'd already decided among themselves. Their roles (anarchist preachers with a message to convert people to anarchist critique, to recruit people to their organization - an organization that organizes the organization and its image) have to invariably be preserved so as to preserve the idea that they are indispensable to movement in which they transform nothing, especially not themselves.
Because I made this kind of critique in a leaflet (here: ) they later accused me (on the internet) of either being a mysogenist (calumnising also the women who supported me as being 'submissive women') or (on an email list) of being a fascist - neither accusations being supported by the slightest concrete evidence.

Thanks for the details, Sam. Seems clear enough from the stultifying proclamation of these buffoons, but it’s always useful (and often amusing) to get some critical first-hand report backs.

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