AMW Celebrates Two Years and Calls for Financial Support

AMW Celebrates Two Years and Calls for Financial Support

From AMW English

AMW English is calling for financial support to pay the operating costs for our servers. Please donate to help us remain an active source of revolutionary news and analysis for movements around the world! Send Bitcoin donations to this address: 1KdswToarHRGmgM6aMDsf1oWEUY97nHui2

This month, our collective celebrates two years of operating AMW English. It has been an absolute pleasure to bring news of the worldwide revolution to our readers and comrades. Everyone involved in this project is actively engaged in the struggle in their respective locales. Finding news from around the world and spreading the word of our comrades' victories fills us with joy and brings us a sense of connection to the wider movement.

We were inspired to start the project when we saw a need for news of militant struggle in the English language, so we set out to fill that gap. Our goals were simple: we wanted to collect, translate, and self-author news about the movement from around the world, with a particular focus on revolutionary action, big and small. We wanted to illustrate a continuum of struggle between the smallest act of resistance and full-blown revolutionary armed struggle. We also wanted to offer a platform for comrades who were locked up in the State’s prisons and to memorialize those who sacrificed everything.

Furthermore, we wanted to offer a platform that broadcasts the victories of the movement to inspire people. We hope that this publication demonstrates loud and clear that revolution is not only possible, but inevitable.

The success of the publication was a pleasant surprise to all of us and we feel an increased responsibility to continue the project in earnest. We have no paid staff. Each of us contributes out of a sense of duty to the movement. However, as the project has grown, our operating costs have increased substantially. To continue to grow the project, we need to raise funds. For the sake of anonymity, we can only accept bitcoin at the moment. So, if you are a comrade with the means, please help us to continue this project.

Bitcoin address: 1KdswToarHRGmgM6aMDsf1oWEUY97nHui2

The past few years has seen the backlash of the counter-revolution in the rise of new fascist regimes and the galvanizing of old ones, but, as our reporting shows, our comrades have risen to the challenge, and if anything, have increased their activity. The world powers are in disarray, desperately holding on to their failing states. The tighter they clench, the more power slips from their hands, and back into the hands of the people.

If you are engaged in the struggle anywhere in the world, please tell us about your activities. You can submit news and analysis to We, and the rest of the comrades in the global struggle, would love to hear from you.

Thank you to all of our readers, and to the comrades who risk everything for freedom.

– The AMW English Collective

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How much does it cost to post content from other radical websites? Blogspot is free.

i’ve seen them post unverified tweets as articles they’re so in a hurry to post things

How many more fantasy projection sites does the world need? We've already got IGD & Crimethinc.

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