Anarchist Diagnostics Of The Future: An Interview w/ Peter Gelderloos

more like "defacing autonomy" amirite

from Facing Autonomy

In this interview with Zara and Sher of the Facing Autonomy Podcast, famed Anarchist writer Peter Gelderloos initially sketches out his personal history of organizing both in the US and in Barcelona, Spain as well as his early work before moving to an in-depth discussion of his most recent essay “Diagnostics of the Future” and his newest book project concerning colonization and ecology.

Previous episode: Transfeminist Marxism and Anarchism In the Age of Xenofeminism: Violet Chrysanthemum and Zara interview Conrad Bongard Hamilton

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"cis ability"? is this becoming a common use term? haven't encountered it yet.

it's used in some of the other content on Facing Autonomy

This was alright. I like what Gelderloos had to say & I'm interested in his forthcoming book. The sound quality of this was not good at all though and the hosts could've asked better questions.

What does it take to be recognized as a "famed Anarchist writer"? Asking for a friend.

I liked Peter's comment on how movements make the mistake of being nearsighted and only rebelling against the forms of authority already becoming obsolete around 20:28 mark.

the shoddy cut-out font which says "facing autonomy" looks exactly how the voice of the co-host named Zara sounds like

towards the end of the podcast they try to corner Gelderloos into saying "anti-civ bad", but they just made it unnecessarily awkward for him and he answered that Perlman and Indigenous Anarchist Federations are examples of perspectives critical of civilization that are not eco-fascist, nor derivative from primitivism

one can expect as much from the hosts given the title of the program, and of course, the shoddily cut-out title card which looks exactly how Zara's voice sOuNdS liKe

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