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Date Thu, 5 Sep 2019 09:39:39 +0300

On the 20th of September, around the world, hundreds of organisations are coming together under the banner of Earth Strike to hold a general strike for the climate. ---- As part of our general activity, some AF members have been involved with Earth Strike UK, either autonomously or via the Green Anti-Capitalist Front/GAF (Wales), and implicit support has been given from the AF during various actions. Now, as agreed by our Federal Delegates Meeting on the 17th of August, the Anarchist Federation endorses and puts our full organisational support behind Earth Strike. ---- Anarchist Federation helping to launch Earth Strike in Swindon ---- We have agreed that where we have local organisations they will support Earth Strike directly, attend the general strike and share the AF's solidarity with an active presence. Our members in unions and other organisational fronts will propose backing it to those groups, and those in areas without either a regional of the AF or any other organisation, are considering starting a GAF group, with one of the aims being to build for local actions on the 20th (and indeed beyond).

The international demands of the Earth Strike are simple:

* An immediate start on global co-operation to reverse the damage done to the Earth's climate, through unambiguous and binding agreements, by both world leaders and corporate entities, following IPCC projections of halving carbon net emissions by 2030 and zero net emissions by 2050.
* International, unambiguous and binding commitments to halt the destruction of rainforests and other wildlife habitats.
* International, unambiguous and binding agreements designed to hold corporations accountable for the greenhouse gases they produce.

We believe the broad support given to Earth Strike by more mainstream organisations, such as TUC unions, will give more confidence to radical elements within them to organise on a local level. For all of us it gives us a clear aim to work towards, helping to build working class solidarity in workplaces and our communities, and strengthening cooperation amongst activists & organisers.

Earth Strike also makes explicit the links between working class and environmental struggles, at a time when many would prefer we leave the planet in the hands of upper class business leaders and toothless middle class NGOs. We must instead use every opportunity to expand the capacity of the working class and together fight for our planet, and kill capitalism before it kills us all.

We hope you will join us. However, do not wait for us, use your union or local activist group to announce participation in your area. Make it happen.

Anyone can start an Earth Strike collective and take action, whether small or large. The power to stand up for the planet is yours. For more information on how to organise your workplace and community on the 20th, contact ourselves, your local GAF group or Earth Strike UK.

September 20th: General Strike for Climate.
ALL OUT - United behind the science!

Anarchist Federation
3rd September.

* For more information visit on the AF's stance please read our pamphlet "Capitalism is Killing the Earth - An Anarchist Guide to Ecology"

* Read the full list of demands from Earth Strike UK

* Find out more about Earth Strike and contact them via social media

* View the global map of climate strike events

* Look out for an in depth interview

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'our full organisational support'

Ie. a handful of people doing... what exactly?

clearly you haven't: * Read the full list of demands from Earth Strike UK

where they demand the government do more better governin'

*stifled guffaw*
I'm not going to waste my time venting my disgust at leftists negotiating with thè State and corporate entities over exaggerated climatic predictions.

These idiots just can't orientate towards an ecological sense of being and becoming without an elective position tied to a state of emergency. These idiots have nothing to life way live to if the technocrats and machinologists figure these things out. The issue of ecological existence is beyond states of emergency.

'over exaggerated climatic predictions'

The problem is real. The solutions detailed above are not.

How about instead of anarchists riding on the coat tails of liberal movements to gain mass appeal we just do our own thing?

'riding on the coat tails of liberal movements to gain mass appeal'

How else do you suggest AF/Black Rose etc gain enough following to establish themselves as the leaders, sorry, 'organisers' of utopia after the revolution?

as long as "our own thing" isn't limited to publishing projects about how we're smart and everyone else is dumb?

I’d call that not doing a whole lot but honestly is extinction rebellion doing anything except spinning their wheels? Honestly writing critique may be better than rallying people up to get symbolically arrested to win the hearts of the state over.

well sure but I fukin hope those aren't the only 2 options we can think of

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