Anarchistnews Podcast 166 – 6.5.20

Anarchistnews Podcast 166 – 6.5.20

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

TOTW with Ariel and friends, on riots

1. Naked City – Blood Duster
2. Naked City – Sperm and Blood

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I really appreciate the effort each of you involved consistently put into these. I know it's much harder than it seems! Even if I happen to read all the week's news and its comments, I'm still very interested in hearing any of your remarks about them or even the intonation while reading a quote.

About the TotW discussion: "The success of curfews" is really a comment that stuck out to me in this discussion. I don't have any profound insight at the moment, but it did "click". I remembered how last year elsewhere, the riot police managed to start wrapping up the protests everyday around 11pm.
The use of rubber bullets, cannon propelled tear gas cans aimed at people, riot police beating up people with battons is effective at persuading curious idling bystanders to leave. Only those who want a frontal confrontation stay for a while, throwing rocks or paving stones, and lighting fire barricades.

Now we have Coronavirus quarantine curfew at 6:30pm.

As mentioned in the discussion, riots are unsustainable for many reasons. Many people ask how could it be made to last longer. As windows of opportunity, one could also ask instead what could one strive to experience during a riot.

Occupy buildings? Get free goodies? Make the streets impracticable for cars?

But above these... isn't the goal to make police violence more costly to the commodity capitalism they're supposed to protect?

Everyone has different goals. All those you mention are splendid options, but instead of seeing them as things that push it further, and then be disappointed when it doesn’t, they’re just things to do while it lasts.

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