From The Fountain Hills Times

by David Adler

Who thinks dancing with anarchists is a way to solve an insurrection? Anarchists want to dance; it’s their clever trick, a method to divide. They dupe those cavorting with them and it is plainly stupid to believe them.

In the past, throughout the world, there has never been neither agreement with nor accommodation of anarchy. At least not where law and order are important.

To accommodate anarchy is being lost, as are the lost mayors of Seattle, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. “Lost-Land” is in many places in the U.S.A. Anarchy does violence to the body politic, both Democrats and Republicans.

Accommodating anarchy is like accommodating COVID-19 virus by getting too close and not washing hands. It does violence to the human body by killing; over 120,000 have perished in America to date.

What will happen to Americans if anarchy is generally accepted? Certainly not anything good. Our peace and safety are threatened by anarchists and their duped assistants. A duped assistant is a collaborator.

Any person who has viewed looting and rioting on TV news sees the ineffective mess-ups of certain mayors and state governors. Why are they ineffective? Mayors and governors are invested with authority. But when those certain mayors/governors purposely dance with the devil by getting too close to anarchy, they fail. They fail not only their constituents, but all Americans.

Anarchists are failures; so too are their duped assistants.

The color of violence, be it black, white or blue, is not the question. The concern is violence itself and crime.

Our local police and, when necessary, our National Guard, are vaccines against anarchy and its attendant violence.

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vaccines against anarchy? where are the vaccines against capitalism? against the state? against institutional hierarchy and oppression? against vaccine brutality?

Makes a lil difference to read an article written by a pro-cop fascist dork who's visibly pissed off because he can't dance.

Sickness is the body being duped?

Who are the assistants of Corona?

This is just a jumbled mess, an indication of how rigid ideologies present a model of reality that cannot handle that reality is a continuum, continually unfolding. Conditions change. If nothing good can come from the pandemic, how do you handle any other crisis?

Thomas Mann (for which "Magic Mountain" is a great long read) would be able to tackle dismantling this proto-fascist mindset (it could also align with anti-natalism and eugenics) better than I could ever.

For now, perhaps people can't really be distilled down to categories (Republican and Democrat haven't always existed), and that's why the categories don't seem to behave right. Not everyone is those categories at all. Not to argue for the vote, but what the fuck do these categories mean for US citizens in Puerto Rico and any of the country's island territories? What about those in other countries under US sanctions, where people are routinely denied necessary medications (yes, the US govt is complicit in Iranian COVID deaths)? What about indigenous folks domestically?

These categories are abstract, rigid, not inclusive and only help to dehumanize. But, it's par for the course of the dis-ease I've seen when out and about. Some people are losing it from the many stressors presently. Focus and short term memory loss were the first to go.

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