Anarchy Bang: Episode 47 - Family, Holidays and was it ok to enjoy Thursday's meal?

From Anarchy Bang

Is it our responsibility to be(come) new people, without families, as we create and unleash anarchy upon the world? This episode is about family, holidays, and our role in both.

Holidays in general are most interesting as a) Times of disconnection between expectation (warm homes, comforting families, supportive and/or steady friends, etc) and reality (frequently no or toxic family and/or friends, no money, no time off, etc). and b) Coming together with the people who we do want to share things with, in spite of the cultural expectations rather than because of them (Jews going to Chinese restaurants on Christmas, to name a non anarchist example).

Finally what should our role be in a holiday like Thanksgiving? Should we starve and abnegate ourselves? Should we fight all expressions of "thanksgiving" as part of the colonial project, smash dishes and cheer? Should we just bow our heads and pass through another opportunity quietly, like losers? This week, nearly our last, we will decide.

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holidays: grab what you can while you can and make the most of it.
excuse for time off work.
excuse to feast.
turmoil in stores or traffic as decoys.
people busy at the dinner table, as opportunity.
in places where parties and noises are looked down upon and don’t happen often, be the life of the party, push the party longer and louder. encourage people to stay up all night and be too tired for their shift the next day. encourage them to take that day off sick. after all, food poisoning is a common occurrence.
make the most out of recurrent (inherently deficient, yet vital at moments) rituals of charity and generosity, encourage others to share big and wide and make it good and not pitiful.

but also, don’t let their calendar dictate your rhythm.
the theme of the official holiday doesn’t always have to color the shade of your attack, revolt or defiant celebration that happens to be on that day. live on your own rhythm and honor the things you value.

Culture is damn sickening isn't it? These smug ignorant morons gorging themselves even MORE, celebrating the rape and pillage of a continent, THEY ARE TOTALLY HEDONISTIC BLOATED MATERIALIST MORONS
"GASP"makes me wanna puke!

I don't care, I have soaked up all the inner autonomous individualist mental tranquility in my social environment and enjoy existence completely unfazed or full of ressentiment. Life is beautiful still in the shit storm of a world because I take shelter in my Stirnerian Dome of Impregnable Wisdom. Thankyou very much!

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