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If anarchism is a type of survival strategy to support living humanely and/or with other humans then we have to talk about the damage done to us in this world and how much power we have to support the other wounded. It is an open question but if we consider our prisoners to be first among the wounded. Incarceration is the highest form of alienation and living violence that is done to humans (by humans) and represents a central aspect of civilization or capitalism or what have you that we must escape. What does that look like come the day of days? What does that look like today?

Prisoners are people who have the unique knowledge of experiencing this world at its worst. How are they qualified to lead us out? Are they? This episode of Anarchy Bang is about how to support prisoners today, individually, and how to support prisoners by freeing them all tomorrow.

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prevention, treatment, cure...for PRISON

prevention...avoiding getting caught, legal defense, disrupt patrolling/policing.

treatment/palliative defense, bail fund, prisoner support

cure...c.o. disappearance, escapes, prison breakouts, prison destruction, prison abolition, state abolition

i dunno, just some things that sounded more interesting than the concluding questions of the prompt

plus also "the overflowing of prison into general society" (ankle bracelets, home arrests, etc) and "the erosion of the pretense of rehabilitation as an objective of imprisonment" which turns it back to punitive and deterrence (no longer the "penitence" rhetoric is espoused, so "penitentiary" is not so fitting any more)

also Angela Davis' and Massimo Pavarini's takes

roll with that

assisted suicide for the terminally imprisoned (by walls or ingrained thought patterns), gets rid of the cop in your head.

it will soon be provided by different companies when legalized by the state as an environmental/counterinsurgency/governability crisis response, as shown in the movie “Children of Men”, “Quietus” was the name of the poison there.

currently we can see the opioid epidemic and the overdoses. Efforts in response have been to avoid overdose by supplying Narcan. maybe some future efforts will provide lethal injections to a totally different crowd with perhaps considerable overlap.

(this comment is meant to provoke, i’m not being totally serious)

are you gonna bring up the awkward issue of anarchists who end up imprisoned for non-political offenses? that’s been a constant thorn in the side of anarchist prisoner solidarity choices. not every anarchist prisoner gets busted for doing anarchist shit. sometimes it’s purely criminal shit that gets them into trouble with the law. too often solidarity gets thrown out the window, as if anarchist prisoner support were just about the image of solidarity rather than an ancient anarchist principle of standing behind our hostages.

there’s also the alternative of focusing on motiveless attacks and disregarding support

but who does that? specially when there’s so much internet available to kill time. no one does that (except insignificant figures which are rounded off)

which is better? the gooder one, of course, it’s full of goodness.

Whereas the badder one full of badness doesn't exactly jive with any notions of self care or care for others. How could vaguely appealing to people to do high risk activity be anything but crowd sourcing sacrifices for the blood gods?

"Give your lives up to the flames, children. VENGEANCE against the enemy."

... Says the creepy dude in the robes who totally isn't going to do that. He just plays the piped piper's flute.

good point, but keep in mind i'd never make a call for anything, my comments are in line with this program's spirit of discussing ideas and exploring their implications and ramifications and turns and spins. i'm merely repeating things i've heard and read around the week's topic in order to learn more about them through people's responses.

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