Anarchy Bang: Introducing Episode 37 – Criticism/Self-Criticism

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This week we are going to talk about a hypothetical topic of criticism and how it lives in the world as a political phenomenon. On the one hand we have the ideal way in which we should learn from our mistakes and on the other we have a toxic political phenomenon that descends from Maoism. How do we navigate the facts and need of intelligent, sensitive criticism in our work while also recognizing that many of the same people who are those we need to do criticism with are also the people who are likely to hurt, harm, or destroy us. Also, and parallel to this discussion, we are coming up on a year of Anarchy Bang. What have we done well? What could and should we do better? Should we do this for another year? Should we add a camera and move the show to Youtube? Email us with your constructive criticism at

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as this may increase reach. Plus, seeing faces and body language also aids concentration I find. Another year would be cool. I have to say I'm surprised that Carl Rogers and other 'counsellors' have never been discussed before and need to be a part of the anarchist library. Person-Centred counselling is powerful stuff when the individual and/or group has a proficient 'teacher.' My criticism only being that one has to leave the therapy setting and rejoin the outside world which is anything but therapeutic. The introduction of guests on to AnarchyBang is refreshing. Personally, I don't mind a round-table discussion of whatever the weekly issue is with people chipping in through email or the IRC. Phone calls are welcome but not necessary. How about an two hour slot on the writings of Ted K? I say this because I have just re-read his manifesto, and I can never get out of memory his telling of when he went off to find solitude (escape from the increasing numbers of people and noise) in one of his favourite spots only to find 'they' had built a road through it. I can just imagine Ted dropping to his knees, hands covering his face, tears of rage and deep sadness running down his cheeks and then, letting out a wild determined cry of revenge...enough is enough. Greta T needs to read Ted K and pass his message on to the kids.

there's also the youtube live feature, that allows live streaming and a live chat, and people can put money in the chat too

i wouldn’t like ya’ll to be stressed by the inevitable onslaught of trolls if on youtube. but another year would not be bad, you already got it figured out. you haven’t milked it or gotten the returns you could get from it yet.
haha, imagine if you got monetized and had sponsors, or a patreon, lol.

i wouldn't mind a more filler based episode, bring in chisel and greg, just poke fun at each other, and roast people, snark overload, just have people call on random prompts, taunt and provoke the listener into calling, like an insult comic. very much bad taste.
you can even just hang up in their face, and play loud and annoying sound board to make people deaf and irritated. i know it sounds awful, but it could be great. just for me. cuz i'm clearly into that kind of thing. it's my kink. now it's public. rip.

if you want to be really childish (and fun) call in into other call-in shows to troll during your call show. or prank call congresspersons, or other inappropriate stuff that could get you in trouble. push the boundaries like an adult swim program. record inside a church during mass, or in a food court at a mall, or during a wedding i dunno. instead of photobombing, audio bombing, uh maybe we shouldn't mention bombing.

uh, make a live exquisite cadaver, and people can call in to fill in the blanks. sing spontaneously. have a rap battle.
have an episode where everyone's voices has unnecessary reverb and delay. make it into a psychedelic horror show.

well, it does say SELF-criticism as well, so as a listener of the show i "should":
-call in (probably won't happen)
-contribute with something serious for a change (could happen if topic elicits it from me)

that's about it, i think. tell me if i'm forgetting something

Selfcrit or quit

Youtube live with video would be amazing and hilarious. But I get that not everyone is comfortable with that.

is it necessary for anarchists to buy - so fully - into the shallow world of social media? so fucking depressing...

nope, it's currently the audio for the non-violent communication one.
no biggie, nothing bad happens if an audio gets misplaced or misposted.
people will understand.


This could be The Brilliant with phone calls to host and guest or, this could be ANews with phone calls related to stories or it could ANews + guest + phone calls. How about an AnarchyBang extravaganza on the anarchist scene of California, past and present, as so many anarchist types have lived there or passed through? I find it very weird that people don't communicate by phone.

ha, burner phones r used for special ocassions. getting a burner phone for every sunday is pricey. jk

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